Do you ever ask yourself "Why? Why don't I do the things I really want to do?" What's stopping you from chasing your dreams? Im sure you can think of a list of reasons.... These "reasons" are the stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck, they are habitual patterns that stop us from making lasting changes in our lives. These patterns end up controlling our every move. What if I told you that you could re-write those stories, that you could give yourself a narrative that allows you to create the life you've always dreamt about.

          This is Inner Monkey, a way to experience life; a way of being. Re-creating yourself through movement. Getting out of your comfort zone and facing your physical and mental patterns head on. Developing body awareness, total body strength and flexibility. A functional and healthy way to move through life physically, but also encompasses the opportunity to reorganize your mindset in a way that supports your happiness. A mindset that is fluid, positive and capable of anything you are willing to work for.

          Inner Monkey is Affirmation in Formation. A variety of movement techniques purposely chosen, that take your body through its full range of motion, while empowering your mind through affirmations (positive statements that allow you to take responsibility for your actions and tap into the inner workings of your mind). This combination of mind/body, through playful move-MEANT and affirmation is one of the most influential ways to reprogram your habits and tap into your true potential.

          Now, the question is, "Stay the same or evolve beyond your habits?"...

Are you ready to release your Inner Monkey?