The Inner monkey experience encourages you to be responsible for the health of your mind and body and untimely your life.

Evolve beyond your habits.

          Programs run between 8-10 weeks or however long is needed for the specific goal/movement experience. Programs gives you the opportunity to stay committed to your journey and allow you the time it takes to achieve your goals. Programs are specifically designed to explore different movement techniques, inspired by Yoga, Budokon Mobility, Parkour, Calisthenics, Capoeira, Striking, Functional Range Conditioning and more. Working with a variety of speeds, breathing exercises and positive affirmations; immersing  yourself into the full Inner Monkey Move-MEANT experience.

          Inner Monkey is committed to educating you about your mind and your body, granting you the ability to learn and understand all the knowledge behind what you are doing. Workshops give us the opportunity and the time to dive deeper into specific material, providing you with the skills reqired to take action and make the most out of your Inner Monkey expereince.

          Play is a big part of our community at Inner Monkey, we strive to make each experience about having fun, being free to enjoy and explore your playful side, and to teach yourselves not to take life too seriously. Events are our way of bringing our tribe together, celebrating life and appreciate the moment.

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Mind-Body Transformation Retreat - The Budokon Experience

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                    We are creatures of habit, literally made up of 1000s of different habits and stories that guide us through our day to day lives. We start off with an experience and then we accumulate that information and use it as a tool to navigate through the world. We have been doing this since we were babies; learning from our surroundings and creating patterns or ways of being. Not all of these patterns are beneficial or helpful towards the things we want in life, some of them even contradict our conscious desires. These habits both physical and mental become so automatic that they are challenging to notice and even more challenging to change. It's about time we make a lasting difference in our lives, let's take responsibility for our actions, make the unconscious conscious and take back control. This journey to our best self begins now, rooted in exploring movement and most importantly understanding our minds and reprogramming the stories interfering with our goals.

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